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Drop in for a chat

At Pendleburys we will sit down and talk to you about you, your aims your business, any problems you have and what Pendleburys can do for you. The first hour is free. The outcome will be limited with us having no information in advance on which to base things on. You may also like to consider our 'Business Once Over'

Business Once Over

This is ideal for getting to know each other. It usually lasts 1 to 1 hours during which time we analyse your business issues that affect your long term wealth. Your current situation is assessed in view of your future plans and based on information provided by you prior to the meeting. We then have time to evaluate the information and:

  • examine where your business is today from a financial view point;
  • examine your current financial structures and investment techniques for structures or inconsistencies;
  • provide a solution or solutions to fixing any associated problems; and
  • we provide a plan for the future.
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